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 No offense taken.
The jist of this should be:? If he wants to race, go aftermarket.
Remember, these are HPDE: -"schools" to experience driving on a track: - a safer environment.

Both posts contain enough UFO info, for the original owner to base his or her decision upon whether to upgrade or run the UFO's

-Scott by BOSTON


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Don't take this as a "I'm faster than you" kind of post or anything, but if you're doing 120 going into the bus stop at the Glen, that's substantially slower- I was doing 135 before going into the braking zone and I'm slow- 2:30-2:40 lap times in my old 200q. I redline'd 4th and was well into 5th gear- if I could do 7500-7700 rpm in 4th, I wouldn't have to do a quick upshift to 5th and then two gear downshift immediately afterward.

I know S4tts can do 150-155 there, as a comparison.

UFOs definitely better than G60s, but the OP had UFOs, not G60s- he was asking about changing from UFO to 993tt setup using G60 struts. So G60 vs. UFO discussion is pretty much irrelevant.


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The 200 20V will fair better than an UrS4/6 because of the OEM rotors because of the weight of

the UrS4 AND the UFO's "thermal mass" vs G60 rotors..

Its ALL going to depend how you drive your car.? Club events / DE's or full fledged "racing"?

I've tracked (ACNA "HP"DE) the 200 20V w/UFO's...... Fine with Dot 4 syn / simple street pads:

BUT I don't run 10/10 into braking boxes (120 MPH backing off into the bus stop)
2.7T A6's can run 126 - 130 MPH into there.? The Glen, Mont Tremblant, NHIS, LRP... all worked fine for me.

I condense my braking into certain areas and save the brakes as long as possible.

The sedan HAS the OEM braking ducts.
I'd put larger ducts in to cool the UFO thermal mass Taka refers to.

If you're looking to do an event. NEW pads and fluid flush *should* cover it.
If you're looking to get everything out of your car (remember its 16 years old) upgrades would be prudent


-Scott by BOSTON

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