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Sorry no info on that particular tire but can vouch for the Nokian RSi-
or whatever its current year replacement may be - incredible on ice at
winter driving events - but prolly more $$$ than $411 out the door...



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I've been running studs here in Montana the last several years but I
get 15-20k miles out of them ( 2 seasons). My driveway is snow covered
Nov thru March usually, is about 3000 feet long and gains about 400 ft
elevation - you do not want to slide off it. Last winter I chained up 
several times to go down the driveway when it was icy so the studs
really helping much.

I'm thinking of trying studless snows this winter as I need to buy tires

again. Costco has a sale on Michelin X-Ice ($411 out the door). Does
have any experience/opinions on those?


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