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Tue Oct 9 02:15:08 PDT 2007

I used X-ice for the last two winters up here in Finland. Have no complaints, quiet, and well gripping tyre. A bit soft perhaps, that I'm sure has more to do with the high profile, mounted on 15" wheels. I paid 400 euros for a set, so $411 doesn't sound too bad. 
Going to need new tyres for the coming winter, I'll have to look the latest results of the wintertyre test and then make my mind. Before X-ice I had Nokian Q (also studless) and they were OK tyres as well, a bit louder than Michelin, but both choices I can recommend.
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> From: mikemilr at> To: 200q20v at> Subject: snow tires> Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 10:08:38 -0600> > I've been running studs here in Montana the last several years but I only > get 15-20k miles out of them ( 2 seasons). My driveway is snow covered from > Nov thru March usually, is about 3000 feet long and gains about 400 ft in > elevation - you do not want to slide off it. Last winter I chained up > several times to go down the driveway when it was icy so the studs weren't > really helping much.> > I'm thinking of trying studless snows this winter as I need to buy tires > again. Costco has a sale on Michelin X-Ice ($411 out the door). Does anyone > have any experience/opinions on those?> > mike > > _______________________________________________> 200q20v mailing list
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