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mike claire mike.claire at
Tue Oct 9 12:30:52 PDT 2007

I looked at Green Diamonds once. Pretty cool. I'm pretty sure they use
recycled tire carcasses (i.e. they're retreads). Not that there's
anything wrong with that :)

Might want to see what they specify for speed and load ratings...


On 10/9/07, Schaible, David <David.Schaible at> wrote:
> I used the green diamond tires last year as an alternative to studs for
> the last few can research them but the quick skinny on them
> is they have carbide chips imbedded all the way through the tread so as
> they wear they still have good grip, they tested better than the
> studless and about equivalent to a studded tire w/ 8k on them.......i
> thought the snow & ice handling was excellent, road kinda sucked...soft
> sidewall on the model I had. If you are not autocrossing or going crazy
> I would recommend them.....although you Montana boys have a rep for
> longggg runs at higgghhhh speeeeds.....i don't remember a speed rating
> on mine...only had them over 100mph a few times.
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> I used X-ice for the last two winters up here in Finland. Have no
> complaints, quiet, and well gripping tyre. A bit soft perhaps, that I'm
> sure has more to do with the high profile, mounted on 15" wheels. I paid
> 400 euros for a set, so $411 doesn't sound too bad.
> Going to need new tyres for the coming winter, I'll have to look the
> latest results of the wintertyre test and then make my mind. Before
> X-ice I had Nokian Q (also studless) and they were OK tyres as well, a
> bit louder than Michelin, but both choices I can recommend.
> Jani
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> > From: mikemilr at> To: 200q20v at> Subject: snow
> tires> Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 10:08:38 -0600> > I've been running studs
> here in Montana the last several years but I only > get 15-20k miles out
> of them ( 2 seasons). My driveway is snow covered from > Nov thru March
> usually, is about 3000 feet long and gains about 400 ft in > elevation -
> you do not want to slide off it. Last winter I chained up > several
> times to go down the driveway when it was icy so the studs weren't >
> really helping much.> > I'm thinking of trying studless snows this
> winter as I need to buy tires > again. Costco has a sale on Michelin
> X-Ice ($411 out the door). Does anyone > have any experience/opinions on
> those?> > mike > > _______________________________________________>
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