rich under decel

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Wed Oct 10 10:30:36 PDT 2007

Coming back to something I posted up about a few months back.  Once the
car warms up - about 5 minutes into driving - the car runs rich under
decel (idle?) - meaning when I come to a stop at a light - a very rich
exhaust wafts into the cabin pretty much every time.  So then I stink
after driving the car with windows down.  The car does not run rich
under load or accelerating, I'm thinking, because it just passed
Colorado's tough rolling road emmissions two months ago - without a cat.
I also just got the injectors serviced by RC Engineering.  The temp
sender on the back of the head has been changed and did not affect this.

Software is by Steve Eiche for an RS2 turbo and EM - wondering if the
decel fule enrichment can be modified????  Plugs cap, and rotor all done
about 20k miles ago.  I've had this richness sice installing the motor
in the urq IIRC, so I'm thinking even when the plugs, cap and rotor were
new it ran like this...
any help appreciated-

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