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Thanks Phil and thanks to all that replied.

As I have no Check Engine Light, I had to dig an LED out of an old computer case and set it up to read the codes. I had already pulled the fuses so there were no codes stored so, while I had the jumper/LED hooked up, I turned on the ignition and attempted to crank it over to see if it would generate a code. To my amazement, it started. I let it run about 30 mins to re-charge the battery and it has started fine everytime since. I do *not* have a real high confidence level that the car will not strand me somewhere. I did get the car to cough and try to start finally when using starting fluid so I ruled out electrical/timing after that.

I've had the car about 2 years and 40k miles and have a lot of receipts from prior owners. I do not see where the fuel pump has been replaced. It does appear to have a bad check valve in the fuel pump as it takes a lot of cranking when hot and the weather is hot - seems to be fine when cold and the weather is cold. I may pull a fairly new fuel pump from one of the parts cars I have and just replace it. 

Also a strange issue with the cruise control - it works fine in warm weather and just about not at all in cold(40ish) weather. 


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>Codes? Previous start history?

Yeh, what Bernie said.

Do you get any spark while cranking? If not, don't be surprised to 
find something weird like a broken camshaft distr. gear (the one that 
turns the distributor gear)--or even a missing flywheel timing pin. 
Both (yes both!) of those happened to my car during the same week, 
just a couple of months ago. Hopefully it will be something much 
simpler than either of those.

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