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At 1:46 PM -0700 10/10/07, PyRo wrote:
>Whats up, through reading emails on the board,
>  i think that proper boost range should be 1.4 bar.correct?

Nope, that's not the info you would have gotten from *this* list. A 
healthy 20V (3B) engine should give 1.7 or 1.8 bar of maximum boost 
(depending on the gauge accuracy) This also depends on doing the test 
for maximum boost properly, too.

>  my
>car, since i've had it always read 1.2. recently she
>was only getting up to 1 bar and i gave noticed a
>slight change in pickup. any ideas? i was gonna run a
>compression test this weekend. Fuel injectors?

The first and easiest (and most likely) place to check for a problem 
is hoses and clamps--for air leaks. There are lots of clamps to 
require good tightening (some well hidden from view) and possibly 
split hoses (especially Michelin Man hose). That's not to say you 
don't have an issue with injectors-- just that it's not the place to 
start looking for cause of low boost. Also might suspect a bad 
wastegate frequency valve (WGFV). Check out Scott Mockry's 
<>website for info on running down 
boost problems (for both 10V and 20V engines).

>anyone know if those over the counter fuel injector
>cleaners even work?

We only use "prescription" fuel injector cleaners here ;-) That's 
Chevron's "Techron Concentrate", which you can get at Pep Boys, etc; 
most think it's about the best "Chicken Soup for Audis" that you can 
buy. Does it work? Possibly.


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