Sean Coriaty sean.coriaty at
Wed Oct 10 15:35:07 PDT 2007

Had this problem twice this summer.  Both times, car stalled while
driving and wouldn't start but would turn over.  Unlikely to be your problem
but worth mentioning.
First time, the clutch TO bearing disintegrated, shrapnel sheared one of the
two pins on the flywheel.  As you probably know, as the flywheel turns, two
pins protruding from perimeter of flywheel pass 2 magnetic sensors that feed
flywheel position and speed data to the ECU.
Second time, same problem- but this time, the nose of the starter motor
disintegrated and sheared a flywheel pin.
Shop claimed starter nose disintegration is common, but first time for me.
Can't help but wonder if maybe they dropped starter during first job or
maybe overtightened starter mount bolts or, as they claimed, just bad luck.
Freedom, NH
200 20v Avant, 210k

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