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Wed Oct 10 15:46:46 PDT 2007

This brings up an interesting point though...

Failure of a reference sensor is a possibility.  This is somewhat more
common on V8's due to the proximity of the driver's side exhaust

I had to replace one just recently on my 5spd.  It would only fail
when warm.  Strategically poured water would usually get it to come
back to life.  I let the car sit for a week or so, which should have
give it ample time to cool off ;-) and the next time I went to start
it, dead.  I tried several times over the course of 24 hours and
nothing.  I finally got a neighbor to tow me up the street so I could
roll down and into my driveway.  When I got it parked there I decided
to try it one more time before I got out of the car and voila, it
started.  Grrrr.  Anyway, replaced the ref sensor and all is well.

It's a thought.  I think pulling codes might show this if it happens again.


On 10/10/07, Sean Coriaty <sean.coriaty at> wrote:
> Had this problem twice this summer.  Both times, car stalled while
> driving and wouldn't start but would turn over.  Unlikely to be your problem
> but worth mentioning.
> First time, the clutch TO bearing disintegrated, shrapnel sheared one of the
> two pins on the flywheel.  As you probably know, as the flywheel turns, two
> pins protruding from perimeter of flywheel pass 2 magnetic sensors that feed
> flywheel position and speed data to the ECU.
> Second time, same problem- but this time, the nose of the starter motor
> disintegrated and sheared a flywheel pin.
> Shop claimed starter nose disintegration is common, but first time for me.
> Can't help but wonder if maybe they dropped starter during first job or
> maybe overtightened starter mount bolts or, as they claimed, just bad luck.
> Sean
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> 200 20v Avant, 210k
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