rich under decel

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I assume you are talking about a 3B engine?

Sounds like you’ve eliminated all of the peripheral component  
possible causes.
Replace your ECU, go back to stock as a trial. I think you have a dog  
from Steve.
Do you have another ECU? I could loan one, not quite stock, with an  
IA stage III chip.


On Oct 15, 2007, at 9:32 AM, Brandon Rogers wrote:

> anyone...Bueller...Bueller...
> PS Fuel Pressure Reg is about 1 yr old, too.
> Any help appreciated
> Brandon
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> Guys-
> Coming back to something I posted up about a few months back.  Once  
> the
> car warms up - about 5 minutes into driving - the car runs rich under
> decel (idle?) - meaning when I come to a stop at a light - a very rich
> exhaust wafts into the cabin pretty much every time.  So then I stink
> after driving the car with windows down.  The car does not run rich
> under load or accelerating, I'm thinking, because it just passed
> Colorado's tough rolling road emmissions two months ago - without a  
> cat.
> I also just got the injectors serviced by RC Engineering.  The temp
> sender on the back of the head has been changed and did not affect  
> this.
> Software is by Steve Eiche for an RS2 turbo and EM - wondering if the
> decel fule enrichment can be modified????  Plugs cap, and rotor all  
> done
> about 20k miles ago.  I've had this richness sice installing the motor
> in the urq IIRC, so I'm thinking even when the plugs, cap and rotor  
> were
> new it ran like this...
> any help appreciated-
> Brandon
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