Alignment issues, FYI

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Wed Oct 17 14:39:11 PDT 2007

Hi Nathan,

I wrote and published my procedure to this list in ’01 and I believe  
that it is still on Cris Miller’s 200-20V site.
Since then I have modified and simplified the total toe measurement  
considerably, as follows:

Rather than projecting measurement points to the floor for  
measurement, I now use toe measuring boards and dual tape measures  
for a more direct reading and eliminating the plumb bob razzmatazz.

More if you wish, Bernie

On Oct 17, 2007, at 12:48 PM, Nathan Winters wrote:

> Bernie,
> I am in need of some DIY alignment.  I'd like to know more about  
> your process.
> Thanks,
> Nathan
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> Found and corrected the problem of pulling to the right. It was
> caster adjustment, or slop in this adjustment.
> In spite of a perfectly symmetrical DYI camber (-0.2deg), zero total
> toe, and chassis centering adjustments, car has pulled right for some
> time now. I had forgotten about my years ago added caster adjustment,
> the slotted holes in the sway bar bushing to sub frame brackets.These
> mounting bolts were not quite tight enough and the brackets had been
> moving on the subframe. Adjusted caster for maximum and equal on both
> sides. Car now tracks absolutely straight.
> Caster is a great final tweak adjustment for an otherwise perfect
> alignment.
> Bernie
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