Afterrun only works for under min.

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Sun Oct 21 08:37:57 PDT 2007

At 5:54 PM -0700 10/17/07, Austin Calise wrote:
>So I got myself this nice pearl white 200 20v(Replaces my indigo one 
>I had sold to the EX. may it RIP Neal Swanson's old 200 20v.). 
>Trouble is the afterrun is only working for maybe 30-45 sec. after 
>shut down. I have already replaced the relay as the fan was running 
>all the time while the car was running thanks to Ron W. So what 
>should I replace next the afterrun sensor?

I don't think what you describe is abnormal (i.e.,  a 45 second 
interval can be about right, AFAIK). A relatively brief duration 
might , in part, be a result of cool ambient (air) temps. BTW, during 
this cool time of the year the afterrun for some cars (e.g., mine) 
may not ever activate-- even after moderately "spirited" driving. 
Fairly consistently, my car has no afterrun fan until the ambient 
temp is above approx. 70 degrees F.

  IMHO, your sensor is probably working OK.  I believe there is a 
separate timing circuit (in the relay?) that determines the duration 
of the fan cycle. In hot weather--and with a very hot turbo-- if/when 
a single fan cycle is not sufficient to cool things down adequately, 
the fan will come on again after a brief interval.

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