rs2 EM install

Tom Egbert tomegbert1323 at
Thu Oct 25 07:34:57 PDT 2007

  I was the lucky winner of an exhaust manifold parted off a 20-v. I am anxiously awaiting my gasket to arrive and still not convinced I want to tear into it in my garage.
     The car has 98k miles on mostly stock with IA stage III+ for the last 40k miles. (15 pounds boost)
     What are the chances all manifold nuts and studs will come apart and be usable to put back together. The new manifold has a few of the shorter studs needed for the rs2. I ordered a couple extra studs and half dozen nuts just in case. 
     This will be the only change to the car right now. How different is it going to feel driving it?
  I realize the ultimate boost will not change,but with all five cylinders accelerating the turbine, it has got to act and sound different. Any BTDTs?
                       Thanks, Tom

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