Avant feeling better

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 11:46:37 PDT 2007

I've been working through some usual issues on my Avant lately and it
is running much better.  I get to see 1.8 once in a while and It'll
hit 1.7 pretty much all the time.  But it still falls flat on its face
sometimes after I shift.  I should be receiving a new bypass valve of
the 710N variety tomorrow and am hoping that will cure it.  With it is
coming an ECU temp sensor.  I'm not sure I've ever read much about
these being flakey, but thought I'd put in a new one anyway.  I will
test my old one anyway to confirm the condition of my wallet.  ;-)

I had several small vacuum leaks that were sucking the life out of her
and new plugs made a noticeable improvement as well (the wires are
fairly recent).  I've cleaned the MAF with MAF cleaner spray.  And I
pulled and cleaned the current BPV with MAF spray and repositioned the
clamps.  Once I get it fully sorted, I may finally consider a chip.

I wondered about ECU intervention and was almost ready to replace the
knock sensors, but I realized I have a working Check Engine light and
never see it come on while driving.  I haven't pulled codes yet
because I assume anything that would throw a code would light the CE
light.  Is that true?

Interestingly I saw a very similar car on eBay this morning which only
has 105k miles.  It's from the NE and is beat cosmetically and not
just from weather issues.  And the engine compartment looks horrible.
Sure makes me appreciate my 234k CA car.


91 Avant Crystal silver/Anthracite 234k and counting

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