roadside help needed.

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Oct 29 13:02:21 PDT 2007

DOH, man....that sucks, I'm sorry I was right on this one :(

Might have gone dry, leaking fluid out by the passenger side front seal. 
That one goes because of exhaust heat.  Forwarding this to the 200q20v
list as a reminder to everyone to check their transmission seals regularly
for leaks.

When it happened to me- I was happily cruising on the mass pike and then
felt a jerk, and then another jerk, and then it was like someone had
slammed on the brakes.  I barely got the car over into the breakdown lane.


> Seems like you were the closest Brett. either the transmission or
> front differential has failed.
> Bled the brakes and all 4 wheels moved when the car was raised and in
> neutral.
> Attempting to put the car in any gear when raised even after the rear
> diff was disconnected would still result in a stall with clunking from
> the transmission/diff area. Limited movement (less tha one half wheel
> rotation possible)
> Due to time constraints I'm renting a uhaul and towing it another 1000
> miles.
> Thanks for the help q-listers...
> On 10/28/07, Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
>> On Oct 28, 2007, at 2:33 PM, I.S. Gall wrote:
>> > Brett,
>> >
>> > Stuck master cylinder is what I've been told a few times. It's
>> > possible that the new unit which was installed on Wednesday was
>> > faulty and took 2000 miles to fail? We've beed towed to Rock
>> > Springs, Wy where pretty much everything is closed on Sundays.
>> >
>> > What throws me off is that doesn't it needs input from me hitting
>> > the breaks to stop? The car screeched to a halt without my foot
>> > even being on the pedal. The brakes are still stuck over 12 hrs
>> > after initial lockup.
>> Oh.  Hmmm.  Are you sure the transmission is free?  I had a
>> transmission seize on me because of a fluid leak that drained it.
>> However, it was obvious- I couldn't shift gears, neutral was jammed
>> as well (I think, I forget exactly.)
>> If you can jack it up easily, see if any individual wheel rotates
>> freely.  Even with a seized transmission, there will be play in the
>> driveshafts/differentials.
>> > Could there be another issue besides the master cylinder?
>> Sure, though not sure what; maybe the power booster crapped out?
>> Sorry, I didn't read closely enough to see that the MC was new. I
>> guess it *could* be it failed, but you're right, that is very odd.
>> Time to enlist professional help, I think.
>> Brett
> --
> I.S.Gall

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