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As usual with these problems that go away by themselves, this one returned a few days ago ( car cranks but won't start). Got to playing with it today. Plenty of fuel on the fuel rail so I started looking at spark issues. Pulled the coil wire on both ends and ran a resistance check - right at 1.8k ohms - checked a couple others that were in the 2k ohm range so figured this was good. Had a little corrosion on the Dist. Cap end of the wire - cleaned that off. A little bird flew by and whispered "try a different ECU" so I pulled out my Hoppen Stage 1 and put in one of my stock ECUs. The car immeduately started. I let it run a few minutes to charge the battery a tad, then shut it off and put the Hoppen ECU back in to verify that was the problem. It still started. Tried a couple test drives with both ECUs - that extra 60hp does make a difference :-). The car ran a little smoother on the stock ECU but I put the Hoppen back in anyways.As all I had touched was the ECU and the Coil, I will carry the stock ECU and a spare coil for a while. Both ECUs indicated 1.7bar on the gauge, which at close to 5000ft elev is what it usually reads.

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Seems to be a wide variety of things that can cause this. Sounds like a challenge to track down, especiall y now that it is running again.


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I just went through a similar episode.  It was a dead coil. 
Replaced it from Force 5 for $40.

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