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the wiring (aside from the active speakers) AND it's German, at least as
much as anything is these days


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It is time to replace the original Bose system in the '91 20 valve 200  
because three of the speakers have bad amplifiers.  Several years ago,  
I had two speakers replaced, and I rather get an entirely new system  
this time.  Since '91, there must have been tremendous improvements  
with the receivers/speakers so I imagine that there are inexpensive  
components that perform better than the original Bose system.  Anyone  
have a recommendation for a receiver and speakers?  I was checking out  
the Crutchfield website and they had such a large selection for my  
Audi that it is difficult to choose.  I don't really need a CD player  
since I rely on the IPOD, so AM/FM is ok, and I don't have any plans  
to add satellite  radio.  Eventually I'll get a stand-alone GPS, but  
that will come later.  My goal is a good sounding system without  
breaking the bank.  I'd like to keep the component costs well under  
$800, preferably in the $500-$600 range if possible.  Everyone, have a  
wonderful holiday.

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