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Guys - so my car is throwing a code - used my ProDiag and it said the
Intake Air Temp sensor has a sporadic short to ground.  The light (check
engine) comes and goes - mostly stays on and once while driving on the
highway it was behaving oddly- boost surges and overall the motor felt
weird - but mostly since then it has felt pretty much fine.
So do you think I have worn out wire insulation somewhere or is this a
typical sign of a dying IAT sensor?
FWIW just replaced the Master and Slave cylinders and had injectors
rebuilt - I can't see any reason these would affect the IAT sensor -
other than maybe damaging the harness while fiddling with the slave
I will try to start the engine tonight and fiddle with the wires while
the CEL is on - see if that makes it go away..
any help appreciated - 
'84 urq w/ 3B

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