my "one in a million thing" Distributor gear failure not really Symptom

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 Ford SHO guys seem to have a cam pulley breaking issue.

FWIW: They WELD them to keep the breakage and catastrophic carnage from happening......

I guess we should "thank" the Audi God that all that spins there (in the back) is a distributor gear, not the entire valve train like in the SHO when their front gear shears....

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Last Tuesday my car's engine quit suddenly and silently at Watkins 
Glen during a run session. The car (my Lago Blue '91 200q)) had been 
running smoothly and normally the previous day. Then, on day 2 during 
my first run session,  I did 4 or 5 normal laps; in the next lap I 
powered through the "bus stop" and tracked out under medium throttle. 
Cruising around the "carousel" I eased toward the downhill apex and 
squeezed on full throttle as I passed the apex. But there was 
absolutely nothing smoke...the 
sound of one hand clapping? I was able to coast the car past the 
cones and onto the unused "NASCAR" straight/bypass in order to get 
off the track. After several attempts to get the engine restarted, I 
got a tow back to the garage.

The engine turned over normally, but there was there was no spark. I 
diagnosed the problem as a broken plastic distributor gear--a good 
possibility given the fact that I carried Bernie's beautiful metal 
gear around (as a good luck charm I guess) but had never gotten 
around to installing it. 


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