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I recently purchased a set of 16X7 inch Forged BBS RG wheels (very similar to 
the stock wheels). The clear coat had the usual peeling on it so I decided to 
clean them up. 
Sand paper didn't do much with the clear coat on there so I decided to strip 
them. I used some strong Zip Strip type stripper. It was a thick gel so I 
could keep it off of the center of the wheel. 
After I stripped the finish I washed the wheels with some alcohol to remove 
the residue. Some final scraping with a plastic scraper and they were pretty 
clean. Then I wet sanded them with 600 and 1500 grit paper and polished them up 
with a little mag wheel polish on fine steel wool.
I like the look of polished aluminum and I don't plan on using them in the 
winter so I left them bare.
Here is a before pic: 
After stripping and polishing:  
Here they are on the car: 
Tom you're going to have to see this car. It's come a long way!
Chad Tobin
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The  stock 20v turbo wheels appear to have a polished, clear-coated  lip
painted basketweave.  Paint seems to hold-up well; clear  coat cracks,
polished outer area tends to oxidize and look  ugly.
Any BTDT on DIY refurb of that area?

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