Intake Air temp sensor (cont'd)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sat Sep 8 12:15:43 EDT 2007


I had an intermittent Intake Temp Sensor problem for ages.  I checked  
the continuity a number of times at both the connection itself and  
inside the car at the ECU connection.  Every time it checked out fine  
and the connection itself appeared to be in good condition.

I finally broke down and went for the repair of the connection a  
couple of years ago using the dealer available gold connecters.  It's  
been fine ever since.  For me, the hard part was making the solder  
connection and covering it with heat shrink tubing between the new  
connectors and the existing wiring, and leaving the correct amount of  
wire so the existing rubber boot fits right back the way it is.

So for my money, the dealer connectors are a good solution.


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> so after checking reisistance across pins 30 and 44, and finding  
> things
> within spec (495 Ohms) - I stopped thinking about the probelm -  
> plus the
> CEL light didn't come back on.  (My urq is wired so the OXS light
> functions as the CEL).  But then driving yesterday a couple times the
> power was very flat - like the ECU was pulling timing waaayyy back or
> keeping the WGFV open as much as possible.  And on the way home last
> night it was not pulling strongly like normal - a couple times.  So I
> went back to the IAT wires -pulled the boot off - my wires are  
> soldered
> - and I think they were hanging on by a few strands as they broke off
> when I was fiddling.  So hopefully that was my problem.
> So my question is what is the list consensus on soldering vs  
> connectors
> for the IAT sensor?
> thx
> Brandon
> '84 urq w/ 3B

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