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I had to face the same problem about 20 months ago. I lost reverse,
everyone told me it was a linkage issue, but, it was the transmission.

My options were to pay a local mechanic $800 + labor to fix the 
he estimated a total of $ 1500-1800 , or do it cheaper myself. I found a 
transmission for $250, picked it up myself, and swapped it in my self over a
three week period.....

Now, having added 25,000 miles, it has been worth much so that
I just replaced the front wheel bearings and am currently fighting to 
replace the
front outer CV boots.

(Or, if you ask someone else residing at the same address, a poor decision
still stuck throwing good money after bad)

As always, YMMV!!!


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> Paul Luevano wrote:
>> Decisions, decisions....
>> Well, the car needs a new transmission.  The mechanic has found one,
>> and
>> it telling me parts, labor, etc.., about $2500.
>> Now, I need to decide if it is worth putting this kind of money into this
>> 16 year old, 214K miles, car.  I like this car a lot, other than the AC
>> needing a charge, nothing else wrong with it.
>> But, I can pick up a comparable 200 for ~$3000, so I just don't know.
> Maybe, but would it really be comparable?  The new car might have
> unseen problems, making it a $3500 or $4000 car. "The devil you know..."
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