200 20V Running issues/ Code

Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
Tue Sep 11 08:14:29 EDT 2007

Have you pulled the fuse to the ECU (for 10 sec)
This ree-sets fault codes so you can try again.
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> Ok guys, I've run across a stumper.
> I'm working on a friends 200 20V Avant. He bought it with a running
> problem, namely whenever on boost it would start to miss/buck. He had
> a friend of his pull the line off the wastegate, and it was "good" for
> about a month. Now, it runs pretty poorly all the time, to the point
> of dying on occasion.
> So, I checked the cam timing, spot on. Checked for boost leaks, can't
> find any. The code that comes up is 2224. Here is the description,
> courtesy of SJM autotechnic:  "Maximum Charge Pressure Exceeded,
> Intake air leak after turbocharger, ECU Vacuum/pressure line has leak
> between intake manifold
> Waste gate or pressure hose, Waste Gate Solenoid/hose problem, ECU
> pressure sensor malfunction
> Symptom: Misfire during wide open throttle, boost pressure too high"
> The symptom is exactly what I'm experiencing. I pulled the line going
> to the ECU, and I have good vacuum and boost present there. What are
> the chances of the internal boost sensor in the ECU going bad? Anybody
> have any other ideas?
> Stumped in Oklahoma,
> Tony Hoffman
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