Stock Car Alarm

Henry A Harper III hah at
Tue Sep 11 15:02:07 EDT 2007

> Unlocking my drivers door NO LONGER disarms the car alarm. I now have to
> unlock the passenger door to disarm it.
> Fixing this is more than I feel that I can handle and will be costly if
> done by my shop.
> Can it be disabled easily? I would guess that there is a fuse that could
> be pulled to stop the alarm horn, but I know that the alarm system also
> disables the starting system as well.
> I really don't need the alarm system and would be happy if it could be
> easily, properly and safely disabled or even eliminated.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance,

If you haven't done the fix the broken wires in the driver's door job yet,
this could be your chance. The alarm on my car did something similar after I
"fixed" just the window/sunroof ground wire. Replacing sections of all the
wires going through the door hinge fixed it - not especially difficult but
rather time-consuming. I've also done the front passenger door wires
(although that window problem was a dirty switch, at least there were far
fewer wires) and trunk (reverse lights wires shorting and blowing fuse).

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