fuel tank check valve

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 13 16:57:26 EDT 2007

Haven't heard anyone who's installed one of the smaller diameter fuel pumps with the internal pressure damper report such problems.   Maybe that's a good reason to use the newer pump?

PeterBergin at aol.com wrote:  Same problem as I used to have on my 5000. Cold start is fine, car sits 
after driving for thirty minuets to 1 hr, I have to crank it for 30-45 seconds 
before it starts, than it slowly starts to fire (sounds like fuel starvation), 
push pedal down, starts, sputters a second than is fine.

My old 5000 when through 2 of them in 200k miles. This is the first on my 
200. I guess it is a fairly common issue.

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