3B vs AAN software question

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
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Even if the boost and fuel maps were the same,  the later AAN has a coil-on-plug
ignition setup that would require the ECU/DME not be interchangeable.  I would seriously
doubt the Boost and Fuel chips are interchangeable, and although the mappings might be,
I’d expect the AAN mappings take advantage over the tighter ignition specs.  The DME for
the coil on plug setup controls timing and ignition firing for each plug independently –
all within the ECU/DME.  I wouldn’t contemplate swapping out the chips if you were
thinking of doing this, and definitely the ECU wiring is very different.


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I have a '93 S4 with MTM 1+ software and a VMAP.

The S4 will be stored for the winter, and I'll be driving a '91 200q20v.
Does the 3B ECU use the same software as the AAN version?  I know the pinouts between
the 3B and AAN ECUs are different, but I'm not sure why the software would be different.
I assume there's a VMAP I can but for that ECU.


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