MAC-14 Diagnostics

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Suggest that you contact Scott Mockry or Steve Eiche directly, both 
which have been very supportive of us DIYers, they are probably the 
best guys to be able to answer your questions.


At 08:46 AM 9/27/2007 -0400, Ben Swann wrote:
>Hopefully I'll figure it out today.  I just thought someone else had 
>a clue than just
>outright saying "It won't work".  It is supposed to work both ways, 
>just the details are
>not clear and Bentley spells out procedure using specialized test 
>equipment without
>actually saying what the equipment is/does specifically - it would 
>be helpful to know
>what the Adaptors 1594 and US-1115 and VAG-1551 actually are/do
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> > From: "Ben Swann"
> >
> > I'm trying to run codes on my MAC-14 ECU which is currently setup 
> to do only Ignition
>for my Megasquirt setup.  The wiring harness has been completely 
>transplanted, and I
>installed connectors for the ?dirty? OBD to connect to VAG-COM. 
>VAG-COM is not picking
>up on it.
> > Has anyone retrieved codes via VAG-COM for the MAC-14?
> > I will try connecting to flash the codes, but would be nice to 
> use the OBD features.
> > Anyone had much success flashing the codes using fuse and CEL?  I 
> don't have identical
>wiring with Fuel Pump Relay, but have wired according to 
>Bentley.  Wondering if I am
>missing anything for this.
> >
> > Ben
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