200 strut TOWER brace

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Fri Sep 28 09:12:55 PDT 2007


Nothing wrong with adding a tower brace to reinforce a damaged tower  
if you have first corrected the misalignment on the frame machine.  
But don’t try to correct one out of place tower by forcing the other  
out of place. Just remember that for any stiffener to be effective it  
should be an order of magnitude stiffer than is the to be stiffened  
structure. This has little to do with increasing the latteral  
stiffness of the suspension, which is best influenced by a strut brace.


On Sep 28, 2007, at 8:24 AM, Geraint Lloyd wrote:

> I know what yo are thinking
> OMFG not again......................
> have we not done this to death........?
> Does he not know about the whole "Bernie Bar vs Chuck's Strut Tower  
> Bar"
> showdown?
> Well I have a specific need generated by less than traditional
> circumstances, so please forgive me for opening up this "Ole Can  
> O'Worms"
> My 200 has had a bit of a smack at some point in its chequered  
> history,
> and the top of the RF strut tower had been moved in a bit. Some might
> even say "quite a bit actually".
> The beast is currently sitting on a frame machine with the top of the
> tower about where it should be.
> I was thinking that i should get a strut tower brace so that the  
> top of
> the tower has some encouragement to stay put.
> to be honest, I like both ideas, but do not want to use a Bernie type
> solution to try and correct / maintain the load of frame distortion.
> I think that that would be unfair on the strut top assemblies.
> Here in Montreal, Brady, with his 200 20v, an I had (one evening in  
> the
> pub) concocted a solution to build a pair of hybrid "Chernie or Buck
> (sounded a bit rude at the time)" bars with 3 threaded adjusters to  
> move
> the towers and then the struts independently after that. we concluded
> that that might help if one side had moved more than the other.
> Both of us have cracked webs on the passenger side reinforcement piece
> where the hole is.
> I think that Mr Huppert may have been going the same way at one point.
> Any news on that Eric?
> the questions are therefore :
> Looking at the Chuck Bar, which after all uses standard Audi Parts, is
> the box tube chunky enough to to do what i want? or is it going to  
> fold
> like a giant banana.
> Could someone send me a list of P/Ns for the brackets, and brake fluid
> res for the chuck bar? the KB seems to be down at the moment and i  
> can't
> find the numbers in the archives
> Has anyone found a chunky commercially available tower brace?
> Anyone got any other cunning ideas?
> Geraint
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