200 strut TOWER brace Chuck 200q20v Digest, Vol 47, Issue 27

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 As clarified earlier.? Chucks bar mounts to Audi Ur S4/6 tower braces.

These items are available from Audi.

They are hard to find, but on the A6/S6 page in the body suspension area of the "Family Album"
for the new to Audifans owners that's translated as E T K A.

I updated the TWO strut brace posts of quattro123.com in the 200 section.? 
There's another listers alternative bar in the 10 V items page too.

-Scott by BOSTON

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I have Chuck's brace in a box on the back porch.

I bought it two years ago?

I'll open it and shoot pictures to peoples E-addy if requested.

photos will be 640 x 480 VGA size. -Scott by BOSTON


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