MC, 3B, & 7A oil filters

Rick Houck rhouck at
Tue Apr 1 21:56:08 PDT 2008

Maintaining three variations of the 5 cyl motors in my cars (10vt coupe, 
20vt coupe, and 90Q20v), I try to keep a supply of filters on hand, but 
wonder if there is one filter that would be suitable for all three.  One of 
the Bosch numbers seems to indicate they are interchangeable. Thoughts?

My usual worldpac suppliers have listed or sent me Mann #W719/5 or Bosch 
72150 for the 10vt (MC)
Bosch #72163, Bosch #72150, or Mahle #OC264 for the 20vt (3B)
Mann #W719/5, Mahle OC47, or Bosch #72150 for the regular 20v (7A).

too cheap to cut up new ones to find out 

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