MC, 3B, & 7A oil filters

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Apr 2 07:21:21 PDT 2008

Cut up the old ones! Save the oil.


On Apr 1, 2008, at 9:56 PM, Rick Houck wrote:
> Maintaining three variations of the 5 cyl motors in my cars (10vt  
> coupe,
> 20vt coupe, and 90Q20v), I try to keep a supply of filters on hand,  
> but
> wonder if there is one filter that would be suitable for all  
> three.  One of
> the Bosch numbers seems to indicate they are interchangeable.  
> Thoughts?
> My usual worldpac suppliers have listed or sent me Mann #W719/5 or  
> Bosch
> 72150 for the 10vt (MC)
> Bosch #72163, Bosch #72150, or Mahle #OC264 for the 20vt (3B)
> Mann #W719/5, Mahle OC47, or Bosch #72150 for the regular 20v (7A).
> Rick
> too cheap to cut up new ones to find out

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