MC, 3B, & 7A oil filters

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Apr 2 15:28:06 PDT 2008

> Maintaining three variations of the 5 cyl motors in my cars (10vt coupe,
> 20vt coupe, and 90Q20v), I try to keep a supply of filters on hand, but
> wonder if there is one filter that would be suitable for all three.  One
> of
> the Bosch numbers seems to indicate they are interchangeable. Thoughts?

Audi long ago went to stocking the same filter for most if not all of the
5-cylinder cars.  You can do the same.  Save yourself a whole lot of
scratch and get a Mobil 1 or Amsoil filter, for example.

The main features you want:
-large filter area
-filter held together with metal or plastic, not cardboard (fram, ugh!)
-anti-drainback valve (possibly visible around the edge holes)
-bypass valve (visible through the center hole, down at the bottom.)
-filter body that feels solid (Fram and others used to skimp on the metal-
some would fail under the higher oil pressures used in European engines.)


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