MC, 3B, & 7A oil filters

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Wed Apr 2 21:26:06 PDT 2008

This thread is gut splitting hilarious! Let’s argue about the most  
demanding application! 7A has the highest CR, 3B may see highest MEP  
short term, and the 10VT should be dead already. (Mine only went to  
300K on orange.)  But we are only guilding the lily on oil filters,  
the filtered oil of which is useful 95% only for cooling of the  
engine. Filtered oil, who cares? Gut the SOB!


On Apr 2, 2008, at 8:35 PM, Rick Houck wrote:
> Brett,
> So you think I could choose the one for the 3B (presumably the most
> demanding application) and use it safely on both of the others? I  
> go through
> 8-10 per summer driving season, and the Mahle, Mann, and Bosch all  
> seem to
> be $4 something, which I think is reasonable.
> Rick
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>>> Maintaining three variations of the 5 cyl motors in my cars (10vt  
>>> coupe,
>>> 20vt coupe, and 90Q20v), I try to keep a supply of filters on  
>>> hand, but
>>> wonder if there is one filter that would be suitable for all  
>>> three.  One
>>> of
>>> the Bosch numbers seems to indicate they are interchangeable.  
>>> Thoughts?
>> Audi long ago went to stocking the same filter for most if not all  
>> of the
>> 5-cylinder cars.  You can do the same.  Save yourself a whole lot of
>> scratch and get a Mobil 1 or Amsoil filter, for example.
>> The main features you want:
>> -large filter area
>> -filter held together with metal or plastic, not cardboard (fram,  
>> ugh!)
>> -anti-drainback valve (possibly visible around the edge holes)
>> -bypass valve (visible through the center hole, down at the bottom.)
>> -filter body that feels solid (Fram and others used to skimp on  
>> the metal-
>> some would fail under the higher oil pressures used in European  
>> engines.)
>> Brett
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