boostin' ?s

Tom Egbert tomegbert1323 at
Thu Apr 3 15:10:28 PDT 2008

  Guys, I have been running IA stage III+ and TAPs chips in 20v sedans for the last five years in 2 different cars. I am getting ready to go for more boost. Previous levels have been right at 15 pounds and have been very reliable and satisfactory. 
     I have added an RS2 manifold on my current car and the difference is wonderful but I just wonder  what is 24 pounds of boost like? 
     My son is ready to convert a 7a coupe quattro to turbo with a stand alone ecu and all the goodys. I have been studying the modern accessories at our disposal now, and technology has come a long way. 
     I just bought a new replacement 02 sensor and I think I am going to take it back and go wide band. 
     The innovative can be plugged into our ecu and programmed to act just like the original. .45 volts baseline, plus .45 volts for rich and -.45 volts for lean; samples taken twice a second.
     I understand the wide bands are more accurate and quicker to react. Is our motronic microprocessor still going to process just twice a second and the faster info just going to set in the mailbox until it is processed later?
       It is less cost than a stock bosch factory replacement. Later I can add my own mega squirt ecu and use my wide band. I will get the gauge package and I can watch my air/fuel ratio in real time. 
     I may also richen up the mixture to the engine's liking, or lean it for higher mileage.
    I have a Porsche K-26 ready to make a big  RS2 level of boost.
              Thanks, advice is welcome, Tom  91 200 20-v 103,000 mi blk/blk IA stg III+ RS2 manifold and Stebro exhaust.   

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