Replacing the MFTS

michael mdearing at
Fri Apr 4 08:39:11 PDT 2008


there has been discussion of the MFTS on this list.  It appears  
replacement is not as straightforward as it would seem.

Coolant leak discovered at MFTS.
Audi replacement MFTS has 3 terminals instead of the original 4.  The  
+Battery terminal has been eliminated.
After installing the 3 terminal MFTS, the temperature gauge does not  

I installed the same 3 terminal MFTS in a 5000 and the temp gauge  
works there.

The voltages on the wires coming from the mating connector (to the 3- 
terminal MFTS) are as follows.

10V      12.5V
+Bat      10V

10V      9.4V
0V        10V

What's causing the difference here?

The wiring diagram shows one of the wires going to the instrument  
Could this be an artifact of my flaky instrument cluster (which I  
have resoldered, etc. but which still acts up)?

- Michael

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