boostin' ?s - 7A cam comparison

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat Apr 5 16:47:45 PDT 2008

Hi Ben,

Much discussion on the s-car-list at in the ‘00,’01 time  
frame, some of which I have, if you can’t find and want.

Regards, Bernie

On Apr 4, 2008, at 6:35 PM, Ben Swann wrote:
> I was just talking with someone about this and had speculated  
> similarly as Bernie.  I was looking to do this on my “RS2ised” AAN/ 
> 3B going into COUPE Q ala. ES2, and will probably do it regardless..
> So does anyone actually have anything more quantitative on actual  
> results with using either 7A Exhaust and/or in conjunction with  
> intake cam?
> How does it effect emissions, fuel economy, low-end torque, etc.?   
> How much difference in top-end is really attained with just the cam  
> and nothing else being changed?
> Has anyone done any dyno testing using variations on the theme, but  
> mainly comparison between cams with other factors remaining the same?
> Ben

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