Eibach springs for 5ktq...

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Mon Apr 21 15:00:56 PDT 2008

We'll in retrospect, I had been using the H&R sprngs from a 5000tq and they were to
short - fine until you carried a 250+ lb load in the trunk.  Switched to the Koni +
Eibach coilover and they were good, esp. since they were adjustable - could carry 500 lb
of bricks in the trunk without rubbing 225/50 16".  Now running the H&R sport 200Q20V
springs with Bilstien Sport struts and 235/45 ZR17" and no problem, but have not loaded
the trunk, so will see how that works when the time comes.

These springs are definitely higher than the ones for the 5000.  The Bilstien I'll grant
you is made for a lower stiffer spring.  I'll also grant you that the Bilstien + H&R
combination may be to stiff for many folk's taste, just like 17 & 18" wheels aren't
always the ticket to ride.

I like it so far - proverbial car on rails handling, but hit a few bumps and does not
jar your teeth - a fair compromise.


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And just what is a "correct" Bilstien for H&R? No such thing for the  
stock spring rate.


On Apr 21, 2008, at 1:54 PM, Ben Swann wrote:
> Presently I am running a "correct" Bilstien + H&R all around on the  
> 200Q20Vt avant.

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