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I agree w/ Ben that the Koni's are not as harsh at the Bilstein. I had H&R w/ the Bilsteins on the car as that is what the previous owner had. But, I'd ridden in serveral H&R/Koni cars and was convinced they were the better shock (at least w/ the H&R spring). So when things came apart I put the Koni's in and am very happy that I did. The improved ride quality and handling. They are just valved better for the H&R IMO. Bilsteins aren't terribly...just definitely second place to the Koni. 

I thought Eibach didn't make springs for our car anymore so H&R was the only option? And at that H&R doesn't make the 200 20v and the V8/UrS4 spring as seperate part number/spring rates anymore. They now use the same spring if I'm not mistaken. 

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> The Koni's are not as harsh as the Bilstiens. I have not compared the setup of 
> Bilstien 
> with Eibach vs. Koni with Eibach, and this is more of a comment based on 
> Bilstien with 
> H&R vs. Eibach with Koni. So maybe more like an apples to oranges comparison. 
> I'd go with the Konis and Eibachs - at least in the rear for the adjustability. 
> Presently I am running a "correct" Bilstien + H&R all around on the 200Q20Vt 
> avant. I 
> am also running 235/50 ZR 17" wheel and tires are Conti-Extreme. This setup is 
> not that 
> harsh and any noise is coming from the well-worn tires. I can't say if it is 
> better or 
> worse than the coil-overs - handling about the same. I lost my adjustability, 
> but there 
> seems to be adequate clearance with the H&Rs even with the 235 width. 
> You did not ask me about my Jimi Hendrix experience, but I'll tell you anyway, 
> because 
> it is relevant. I went autocrossing with the silver avant last summer and took 
> my wife 
> and daughter and hauled the 4X6 Coleman trailer up. I had adjusted the Eibach 
> coil-overs down for the race. After the race we did the fun run through the 
> mountains 
> to Doc's farm to enjoy the Crabs and Beer. The day was a Scorcher approaching 
> high 90's 
> - pretty hot even for the mountains. We headed back home just as thunder storms 
> were 
> approaching. We got caught in a deluge that included some good sized hail. I 
> had tunes 
> cranking to keep my alert - driving eyes pealed throught the downpour and 
> passing many 
> vehicles that had pulled over. I think it was the middle of VOODOO CHILD - some 
> serious 
> feedback Jimi was putting out and seemed to be getting louder and I thought it 
> was some 
> special track included on this new CD. Began turning the volume down as the 
> squeeling 
> became louder, but Jimi wouldn't shut-up. Finally turned the stereo off and 
> then I 
> realized the "feedback" was not coming from the stereo but from the car itself. 
> So I found a reasonably safe spot to pull over - I70 with virtually pitch dark 
> and no 
> visability and the storm was not letting up. I got out and was instantly soaked 
> - 
> reached under the rear fender and found as I suspected - no clearance between 
> the tire 
> and the fender. What happened? 
> Take a guess! 
> Ben 
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> Ok so it's established that I've got the Eibach Pro-Kit springs. Does anybody 
> reading 
> have them installed with Bilstein Sports or with Koni's? 
> Likes/Dislikes? 
> How do the Eibachs compare to H&R's? 
> I just installed some Bilstein Sports on my car last year, they have maybe 5000 
> miles on 
> them. I'm torn as to if I should use them, or if I should go with the Koni's. 
> I've got 
> offers to buy the Koni's, and I'm betting I could sell the Bilsteins too if I 
> wanted to. 
> -Cody Forbes 
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