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I did mine like probably already know this, but  just in case, 
the engine+transmission needs to be tilted to allow the transmission to 
point downwards. Support the transmission on something (transmission jack?) 
as you remove the transmission mounts. Gently allow it to come downwards.

Wait till the trans is tilted downwards to remove the shift linkage, and the 
seat belt tightening cable.  ( it has a fancy name I can't recall right 
The clutch slave will come off along with its hose, tie it up out of the 
way, no need to separate the hose, else you will have to bleed it.

Support the engine from the front, at the front engine hoist bolt, (close to 
the steering pump). If you do not do this, it will try and incline forwards, 
puts a whole lot of tension as you remove the transmission bolts and try and 
separate the engine and transmission. (You will need this as well as you try 
and put the transmission back on).

Its bit snug to ease the transmission out past the Y-pipe, but it can be 
done. Removing the Y-pipe makes it easier!!


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> Hi,
> I'm in the process of trying to change my 5 speed tranny in my 91 200 TQ
> 20V. I wasted quite a while trying to take off the exhaust downpipe to no
> avail. I couldn't get a wrench or socket on the nuts ahead of the "y" by 
> the
> exhaust manifold. I just disconnected the cats back. Does this give enough
> room? Anything else I should be careful about or aware of?
> Thanks,
> John
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