Starter issues

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Sat Apr 26 18:23:38 PDT 2008

I'd start with the main ground from the battery. Then clean as many as you
can find. There's a number og ground straps from the engine and to the body.
The Bentley is not always overly helpful in this type of circumstance. I'm
not currently near mine to look. It's currently on jackstands with no

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yeah, not one problem..any idea where to check? i got
the bentley so that should help a bit.
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> May be a ground issue. When you had the new clean
> connections; no problem.
> John
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> hey whats up all. I replaced my starter about 3
> months
> ago. Prior to this, the car would start up fine in
> the
> morning, however, any other time i would have to
> turn
> the key about 3 to 4 times before it started up.
> After
> i replaced the starter, it was like i was driving a
> new car. As soon as i turned the key, it started
> right
> up. About a month ago it went back to the way it
> used
> to be. Is my car possessed? Any ideas as to what it
> might be. I checked to see if the starter was loose
> a
> little or if the wire was damaged ( i had to
> re-crimp
> a new starter/ignition wire because their was no
> insulation on the old one). Any help would be
> appreciated. tia
> danny
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