PS wheel bearing

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Tue Apr 29 11:11:16 PDT 2008

When I run my snows 265/65-15 I get very little to zero noise from my drivers-side rear wheel bearing.  
When I run my summer 235/45-17 tyres I get quite a drone from the drivers-side rear bearing.  
Turn left the sound goes away, straight/right the noise is about constant.

Are the tyres the same size as before?

I'm not sure what the steel rims that my snows are on but my summer tyres are on Borbet Type TS:  17x8.5 30mm offset.

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Schaible, David wrote:
> I just new tires put on and now I have the classic bearing
> drone......makes sense or incompentence from mavis ??  could you damage
> a WB by changing a tire??

I could be wrong, but I suppose if you had the car on a lift and dropped
the car hard, compressing the suspension past the weak shocks to the bump
stops that are missing the rubber bumpers so the wheel bearings take the

Are you sure it's not the new tires making a droning noise different from
the old tires?

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