PS wheel bearing

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Bottom line is that there should not be bearing noise at all....on this
car you cant even give the wheel a decent spin test...w/o disconnecting
some linkage.

I will check the clearances as well b4 messing about w/ bearings,
sometimes those inner fender liners get tweaked

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I would suggest that your difference in bearing noise is a function of
the size of the wheel primarily and possibly somewhat of the tire.
Geometrically, with a 8.5-inch wide et30 wheel, you're putting more
leverage on that bearing since more of the wheel/tire is further out
away from the center line of the car.  Basically you're leaning no the
bearing harder and more unevenly.


On 4/29/08, Nathan Winters <natewin at> wrote:
> When I run my snows 265/65-15 I get very little to zero noise from my
drivers-side rear wheel bearing.
> When I run my summer 235/45-17 tyres I get quite a drone from the
drivers-side rear bearing.
> Turn left the sound goes away, straight/right the noise is about
> Are the tyres the same size as before?
> I'm not sure what the steel rims that my snows are on but my summer
tyres are on Borbet Type TS:  17x8.5 30mm offset.
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> Schaible, David wrote:
> > I just new tires put on and now I have the classic bearing
> > drone......makes sense or incompentence from mavis ??  could you
> > a WB by changing a tire??
> I could be wrong, but I suppose if you had the car on a lift and
> the car hard, compressing the suspension past the weak shocks to the
> stops that are missing the rubber bumpers so the wheel bearings take
> hit.
> Are you sure it's not the new tires making a droning noise different
> the old tires?
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