slotting the strut towers

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Fri Aug 1 11:02:55 PDT 2008

Attached is an Article on modification of the spring plates. Read Pt III
I do not know if I would slot the towers.
I would build Bernie's strut brace first. 
Does your car have the bending sheet metal from the towers coming in a bit?

Chuck Pierce
91 200 20v Avant

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>hi all,
>UPS finally found the koni/H&R combo i bought from chris at force5. what an ordeal - lost in indiana.
>anyway, i'm going to drop the car off at my friend's shop this sunday. does anybody have a decent write-up on the procedure to slot the strut towers?
>from my research, it seems if i did nothing, the H&R combo would run about -1.5 degree camber even with the struts adjusted to the max. not god awful, but -1 or less would be better.
>the 200q is not my daily driver, so when i do hop in the driver's seat, it will be for something fun, like carving up highway 1 ;-)
>see ya,
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