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Thu Aug 7 06:30:35 PDT 2008

Each of the MFTS I have received has signs of experiencing a coolant  
leak.  I took two apart and the electronics is fine.  The contacts on  
the connector had coolant corrosion but this cleaned up easily with  
Contac-Renu.  My guess is that the copper washer fails after some  
time and a very small leak occurs (2 reservoir inches per year).   
Does anyone have a source for compression copper washers like these?   
Must be a generic metric part.

(The electronics inside the MFTS contains an active analog chip.   
Simple resistance checks at the connector are not likely to be  
- Michael

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> Subject: MTFS - Multi Function Temp Sensor Testing
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> I'm not finding information on how to test the Multi-Function Temp  
> Sendor in Bentley
> Manual for 5000 or 200 series.  Anyone have some information on  
> testing these out?
> Relevant cars include '86 on 5000 turbo, 200 and '91 200 turbo  
> quattro among others.
> Ben

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