coilpacks for SEM

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Wed Aug 13 15:41:43 PDT 2008

chris gregg wrote:
> My name is chris, and I recently bought a MINT 200q20v. 

Welcome.  Sorry, but there is no such thing as a MINT 200q20v.
You'll find that out soon enough. :)

> I honestly dont want to use the 034 high-output coils because they are just too 
damned expensive.
> I would like to be able to make 1.8t coils work, but some of the 034 people are discouraging me 
> about them. I personally had great success with them on my BT 1.8t project and they lasted 8 years. 

Go with what worked for you.  If it no longer works in this application, accept
the advice of others and spend the money.

Before you boost the engine, though, how are the brakes? Does it still have
the original UFOs? Or did the previous owners downgrade them to the G60s?

How about the suspension?  Is it wearing the original 17 year old bushings
and struts/shocks?

And to meet the real crazy make-it-go-fast people, you may want to have a
look at the forum at <>.

Kent McLean
'99 A4 Avant, w/ quattro, V6, Tiptronic, :)
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