S4/S6 exhaust on a '91 200?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Aug 13 20:56:13 PDT 2008

At 8:26 PM -0700 8/13/08, Austin Calise wrote:
>Phil, there's a few differences 1 the rear tips position for the cut 
>out on the rear bumper. The 200 20v tips would need to be welded to 
>the s-car rear box. 2 the cat's are different 1 being the the 
>flanges to DP are 3 bolt vs the 200's 4 bolt flanges, 2 being they 
>are a different shape and the pipes flare out to met the DP( S-car 
>DP outlets are further apart than on the 200 20v DP about 17"ish 200 
>and 22"ish on the S-car) . Other than that the mid and rear sections 
>are pretty much the same. I have a V8 rear section along with two 
>round resonators on my 200 20v and I cut the 200 20v tips off and 
>welded them to the rear box.
>            HTH's Austin

Hi Austin,
Ugh, needing to weld my '91 tips to the urS muffler would be a 
nuisance (or worse). In what way do the urS tips not fit 
correctly--too short, high/low or a left/right mismatch? Another 
lister mentioned his new Stromung exhaust needed to be lengthened by 
about 2" to fit the '91--perhaps that's the same "tip" issue you 
mention. The need to do a "tip mod" is a little surprising 
considering that I'd been told  that Stromung claims (their) same 
exhaust is used for both models ('91 200 and urS4). As to the cat 
differences--that shouldn't be an issue here as I'm intending to only 
replace the cat- back parts (my '91 and the donor urS6 each use 
sleeves to connect the resonator/muffler section to the pipes exiting 
from the cats).


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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