S4/S6 exhaust on a '91 200?

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Thu Aug 14 08:18:54 PDT 2008

I recently installed a Stromung system on my 200q20v . It was a bit short.  2 
-5/8" flanges added after the downpipe and moving all hangers on the car as  
far forward as possible solved the problem. Mine is centered in the bumper  
opening. The OE hanger at the cats won't work with the system [I supported it at 
 the tranny with springs]. It sounds great, nice idle burble, and sweet WOT  
sounds. No drone or resonating at freeway speeds. Performance wise, the engine 
 seems to rev quicker and I'll hit 1.8 BAR much quicker then OE. It's really 
well  made [kind of shame to hide it under the car]. Looks great from the 
rear.  Delivery took a couple months [if you hit it when they're doing a  run of 
these it would most likely be shorter]. I got mine through Jeff P.  in NH. He 
served me well.
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I tried to put an urS exhaust system on my 200 20v 2 years  ago and
remember the mounting hangers not being in the correct locations  and
the overall length being wrong.  I think with some work you could  make
it fit, but its an uphill battle  IMHO

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