latest installement on negative camber...

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Thu Aug 14 20:21:17 PDT 2008

for lowered cars.

my friend/mechanic (nick chrimes - some know him here) has been pouring over igor's camber plate mods to his euro-spec 97 S6 (i assume it's the same a our URS4?). nick said the diagrams do not match up with the 200q20v camber plates/strut towers. close, but no cigar with regards to clearance with the actual strut tower.

he has devised a solution, modified igor's diagram and emailed it to me. i can attach to the list if acceptable.

basically, he said, why can't you just slot the camber plate itself? why does igor rotate the thing and start from scratch with new holes? my friend is saying to slot the "B" holes in igor's diagram 4mm and offset hole "A". 

i'm pretty sure he said if you rotate the camber plate as igor said, the lip on either the plate or the tower makes it so the strut studs don't come all the way though. i might have this part wrong though, but do remember him saying rotating the plate causes issues with the length of the studs.

i think i'm understanding him correctly but no guarantees ;-)



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