latest installement on negative camber...

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Thu Aug 14 21:15:53 PDT 2008

actually, here's my friend's words. any adivice would be greatly appreciated - unless you think he's on the money:

Per Igor, we are looking to enable the top of the strut to sit 4mm further
out than the factory setup allows.

His Figure 2 doesn't work: the holes don't line up. He created the
templates for a '97 S6. Plus he says on the diag. that the B1 holes should
be offset by 4mm. i think he means the A1 holes.

His other diagram is more on the money: the holes line up. Amended pic
attached with my scrawling all over it, so best for you to call me once
you've pulled it up, and I'll go through my findings.

Bottom line he suggests moving the plate out 4 mm by redrilling holes. The
plate is circular and bolts to the strut tower, vs. what he calls the mount
(Upper Strut Mount) which is basically triangular in shape and bolts to the

Can't be done the way he suggests: the plate is within 1 mm of the
underside of the strut tower. Can be moved further out with 1/4" spacers
over the plate studs, but that wouldn't leave enough stud to attach the


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