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Maybe, Maybe not- how many old Audi's and/or race cars do you own? What's your CI ( Cylinder Index- count up ALL the engines you have 
running and/or in near completion state- I've got a CI over 150)

Haha, well, my CI certainly isn't as impressive as yours, but if you want to count outboard motors and the car I JUST sold, it would be 19. I'd say thats not too bad for a college student. Make no mistake, I am a true enthusiast, a sickly obsessed gearhead :)   Come on, I am driving an old audi that looks a lot like it should belong to a grandpa, and which no girl that I know of cares to be seen in...and just traded in a much more socially appealing 10 year newer car with ~400bhp...for the pure sake of owning a car with a proper drivetrain and an engine that sings one of the most beautiful songs in the automotive world, an incredible history, and some personality...not to mention sick, through-the-roof power potential. 

ANY COP coil should work- what are the requirements for the ECU regarding the CPS and coil drive signals? Are you using the VEMS/Lugtronic 

Not sure exactly what the requirements are...thats why i've been trying to get in touch with Kevin Black. He has been very busy lately though. It is the Lugtronic unit however. I'd love to know exactly what I'd need for that. It doesnt have to be COP. It could be 5 remote coils. I just want the damn thing to function on them correctly, I don't care if they look good or anything like that. 

Doesn't really matter unless you are trying to get the "factory" COP vs. the Coil Per Cylinder system. Coil On Plug systems restrict you to what 
works and what the factory profiles are- that being said the 7A isn't much help as the VC doesn't have ANY mounting points for COP.
I have both 7A ( 4 CQ's in-house) and 3B ( 3 200 20VT cars) engines I can shoot some pics of if you want.
The AAN VC does support the factory COP system and the best aftermarket coils are the apikcoil ones ( see the archives)

I have been looking into the 034 high output coils. They are something like $45 a piece. 

Any of the small block ( or BB for that matter) GM CPC coils can be made to work. Also be aware that the 3B ( AAN  etc) are notorious for
being VERY sensitive to the spark plugs you use.

I am assuming the stock ones (plugs) are best to go with for a while at least. I plan on just upping the boost (and adjusting fueling, timing, etc. accordingly of course) on stock turbo when the SEM goes in until the big boy turbo goes in. 

Oh there are plenty of "hot rod" 20vt's around it's just that we've learned to keep a low profile (especially on motorgeek) as too many folks just 
don't understand this love/hate relationship with a 18 year old car.
They only made 1500 of these cars and there are fewer than 600 ( if that many) still operating. Numbers speak loudly to aftermarket suppliers-
see the dearth of aftermarket parts for Porsche 928's vs 911's ( or even 944's and 356's for that matter)
For better or worse there are few engine ECU's and fewer performance parts suppliers out there for older Audi's. I do appreciate the work that
Javad & Co. ( 034efi) along with the 2B folks have put into keeping the older cars supplied with some performance products.

Yes, that is certainly the truth. I intend to keep the car absolutely as perfect as I can, while still taking advantage of the 3B. A lot of things will come a lot easier once I learn more about fabricating parts, and once I have a few other projects under my belt as well. Thankfully, I'll have the tuning aspect all figured out in the next few months or so if everything goes well. 

As for brakes and suspension- just use the right "kit" and replace the UFO's ( which are actually a fine STOCK brake system- it puts a great deal 
of sweep area under a 15" wheel) with a decent 4 piston caliper & large rotor. The G60 struts are easier to add big brakes to given the mount can 
take Brembo(aka Porsche GTS or 996 big reds/blacks) or Alcons with a simple adapter and the rotor "kits" are available to mount up to a 
13.5"/1.25 rotor pretty easy.
I'll definitely be looking to convert to the g60 struts and brembos or some Porsche units. Just need to do the proper research so i know exactly what parts I need. 

Coil overs are just a matter of $$$- the 2Bennet or 034efi folks can source the parts ( or go get the ground control parts) for the strut mods/coil-kits, 
you can use any racing 2.5" coil set- the issue/cost is getting the right strut in there- Koni and Bilstein both make 'em but Koni ( via TrueSports I 
think) will build  a front set with externally adjustable bump & rebound.
Of course if you have cubic $$$ you can just order a Penske or Ohlin race setup ( around 8k last I checked).
Oh, how I wish coilovers for german cars weren't so ridiculously priced : /    They will come in time though. I will possibly talk to 034 about that. 

My son ( V8coupe on justfourrings he might still be on motorgeek) has worked out all the various brake caliper and rotor combos ( he too is an 
engineering [ME] student) that can be easily and relatively cheaply mounted on a 200 ( or V8 in his case). He's also got data on various
suspension upgrades including coil-overs and suspension bushing ( the rear sub-frame bushings are NLA) options.

I have a thread on motorgeek about the coilpacks. Ill link you for reference. The more relevant info is closer to the bottom of the first page.



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